After Keno, Júnior Alonso also signs with Atlético – Let’s Go Galo #5

Foto: International friendly Japan vs Paraguay


Malu Precioso
30/06/2020 – 04h
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Let’s Go Galo #5
This week was very busy in Brazilian football. With a return to the state championships, the mineiros are eager to define the champion.

Meanwhile, the players keep coming to Galo’s City, and others have already published their farewell letter.

Follow everything in today’s article!


One more down, 7 more to go

After settling the termination with Lucas Cândido approximately 20 days ago, it was time to amicably settle the termination with the 24-year-old striker Clayton. Hired as a valuable “jewel” in 2016 for about R $ 13 million at the time, the athlete was unable to repeat the promising football he presented at Figueirense.

Atlético still have some outstanding situations: Mansur, Zé Welison, Di Santo, Ricardo Oliveira, Edinho, Lucas Hernández and Ramón Martínez.

A new third man?

Left-back Fábio Santos said, in an interview with TV Galo, that there is a possibility to play as a defender on the side during the season. “We already thought about it. We talked about it, not directly with Sampaoli, but it is an option. He especially likes to use three defenders, especially on the ball. Not that he plays with three defenders the entire game. He did that a lot at Santos, using a more defensive player on the side of the field. I’ve played like this a few times in my career. It can happen during the season. ”

After Keno, Alonso also signs with Atlético

Just waiting for the end of the contract with Boca Juniors to be made official by Atlético, Junior Alonso will be the fourth Paraguayan defender in the club’s history. At the age of 27, Alonso was hired by Lille, from France, and he arrives to be the new “sheriff” of the defense.

Atlético and Pyramids have reached an agreement and Keno will be another reinforcement for the rest of the season. The negotiation amounts to around 2.5 million dollars (R$13 million reais), as said Thiago Fernandes, from UOL. Keno was nominated by director Alexandre Mattos who pleased coach Jorge Sampaoli. The director maintained constant contact with the attacker.

Atlético’s new balance between experience and youth

The transition team was overhauled during the forced shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Athletes that generated great expectations such as Gabriel Pires, Kevin Pereira and Mateus Santos were dismissed, with that, new athletes went up to join the team, including the 16-year-old Sávio.

Since Tuesday (23), some players have been chosen to train with the main cast. Athletes Guilherme Castilho, Alessandro Vinicius, Neto, Calebe and Giovani Albuquerque had a great chance to show a little of their qualities to coach Jorge Sampaoli.

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