Marquinhos: our newest black diamond – Let’s Go Galo #2

Photograph: Bruno Cantini


Malu Precioso
11/05/2020 – 04h
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Hello, everyone! Have you ever thought about a channel that speaks to Galo fans around the world, including those that don’t speak Portuguese?

This is the new proposal of Fala Galo, a “tour” with weekly content published on our blog, in English. So, Galo can reach many other places! It is also for the Brazilian who needs to practice a little bit!

Let’s go, Galo!


Wasted Money

It is no longer news that some athletes were out of the plans for the sequel of the season. The COVID-19 crisis only postponed what everyone knew would happen.

Altogether, Atletico spent about R$36.5 million reais on players who are now considered “expendable”.

Edinho: R$1.9 million
Franco Di Santo: R$1.2 million 
Lucas Hernández: R$12 million
Ramón Martínez: R$8.4 million
Clayton: R$13 million


Where is the financial statement?

After the deadline to publish the financial statements, Atletico is one of the few clubs that did not comply with the obligation. As the balance sheet became an issue, especially in a pandemic period and when everyone is looking for news from the clubs, the few clubs that stopped making the publication started to be charged.

In 2019, the initial justification for the absence of documents is the COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation measures prevented data consolidation. It is impressive how most other Brazilian clubs managed to comply with the law, but Galo’s employees were under restriction. 

There were 75 (seventy-five !!!!) days between January 2nd to March 17th, but it still wasn’t enough time to consolidate the accounting data. Two and a half months to carry out the work and the work was not completed.

Worse than seeing Atletico fail to comply with legal obligations and the transparency that morality requires, it is seeing that futile justifications that are accepted without question by the Deliberative Council. The club deserves more attention and responsibility! And the fans deserves more respect.


Back on track!

Atletico are already authorized to return to training in Cidade do Galo. The club received the “ok” from Vespasiano’s city hall. The city in the metropolitan region did not register any cases of the disease.

With the pandemic, Atletico officially suspended activities on March 18. Days later, Galo anticipated the vacations of athletes and employees. Last week, Atletico’s vice president, Lásaro Cândido, in an interview with Fala Galo, stated that there is no forecast for the return to work.


Marquinhos: our newest black diamond

With important performances, Marquinhos drew the attention of Chelsea, billionaire London club. In the “Papo de Setoristas” with Breno Galante, Thiago Fernandes and Henrique André, the athlete talked about.

“I talked to my manager and he gave me a message: focus on your football for God’s sake”. So I was anxious. They have called my manager, I don’t know if they have called Atletico asking for my data. But they said they would monitor me, they liked me. I didn’t know anything else, my entrepreneurs are aware of everything. I believe they are still monitoring me. I hope they looked at my goal against Tombense ”, said the midfielder.


What about the girls?

Last Sunday, Fala Galo talked to a manager of the category in Galo, Nina de Abreu, who confirmed the maintenance of the project and guaranteed that the guarantees are up to date. 

At the beginning of April, CBF, the Brazilian Football Confederation, announced a series of measures in order to reduce the impacts caused by COVID-19. Among the actions were a help as the teams of the A2 series of women’s football with an amount of 1 million and 920 thousand reais.

Recalling that this is only a second season of the Galo Girls in professional football. In 2020, 11 players were hired, in addition, there was a change in technical command when the club dismissed Sidnei Lima and sought out Hoffman Túlio, runner-up in the A2 series with his rival. In his first debut season, Galo was champion of the BH Cup, but they were eliminated in the semi-finals of Mineiro and disappointed in the national competition when he left the group stage.


COVID-19 put a damper on Galo’s hiring plans

In an interview with Fox Sports, the president of Atletico, Sérgio Sette Câmara, spoke about the investments that will be made after the return of football.

“About investments, I understand that it is even absurd to talk about investment at a time when you are negotiating the reduction with your employees and players. Brazilian clubs are going through these difficulties. We are trying to preserve as many jobs as possible” said the president.

“At that moment, Alexandre Mattos has been conducting the necessary surveys so that, when we had a light at the end of the tunnel, with the help of our sponsors, we could make a specific investment. We will not make the investments that we would have made previously, the world has changed and we will try to make some adjustments to the cast ”, he added.

That’s all, folks!