Galo keeps an eye on Léo Sena – Let’s Go, Galo #1



Malu Precioso
25/04/2020 – 08h40
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Let’s Go, Galo #1

Hello, everyone! Have you ever thought about a channel that speaks to Galo fans around the world, including those that don’t speak Portuguese?

This is the new proposal of Fala Galo, a “tour” with weekly content published on our blog, in English. So, Galo can reach many other places! It is also for the Brazilian who needs to practice a little bit!

Let’s go, Galo!


Welcome home!

Starting on Monday, the MRV Arena finally started. After a few years of processes, the earthmoving started on April 20. The construction, announced at Fala Galo program at Rádio da Massa by Rubens Menin, is expected to take 26 months and should be completed in mid-2022.

Also on Monday, Atletico’s vice president, Lásaro Cândido, announced that Cidade do Galo, in Vespasiano, and the construction of the MRV Arena, in Belo Horizonte, could be visited by club supporters. Great news for anyone who dreams of getting to know the outbuildings and idols!


Cazares stays? 

Due to the stoppage of football, the situation of the Ecuadorian player remains undefined. Galo’s desire is to have Cazares for a longer time, but he has already shown interest in leaving. This week, the midfielder was the subject of controversy. Asked by a local newspaper if he would like to play for Corinthians, the player praised the club from São Paulo and the other from Rio de Janeiro, Flamengo, and replied that he would play for both. Despite making it clear that today he is focused on Atletico, many fans were mad because he has a very strong rivalry with these clubs.

After all, he ended the week on top. The news that came to Fala Galo is that Cazares donated food to a poor region of Ecuador, in order to feed families that are struggling in this pandemic moment.


Galo keeps an eye on Léo Sena

Atletico has some defined targets and one of them is the midfielder Leo Sena, from Goias. Even after having a rejected proposal, Galo continues to monitor the athlete’s situation at the Emerald Club closely, including, he knows that the renovation is stuck and Goias is not is able to honor the proposal made before the football stoppage.

Atletico’s idea is to act at the right time, taking advantage of the unfavorable situation that the strike has caused to Goiás. Leo Sena, 24, has a contract as a Goias player until the end of this season.


The Roger Guedes Novel

Everybody knows that bring Roger Guedes back is the dream of President Sérgio Sette Câmara. The striker, who had a remarkable sequence in 2018, continues to practice in Brazil and has no prediction of when he will be able to return to China.

“He has already defined that if he can return, he has a great desire to return to Atletico. The problem is that Shandong has given no sign that it wants to do business with Atletico or any other club. If there is such a possibility, we will bring it. Roger is a player that I have a lot of affection, a huge respect for ”, said Alexandre Mattos.


Mariano: yes or no?

Mariano is one of Atlético’s targets and is no longer new. The idea of Galo is to bring him without transfer costs, but the uncertainty of football plays against Galo at this moment. With a contract until the middle of the current season, the athlete is one of the main players of Galatasaray, a club that fights for the Turkish title.

Robalinho, his manager, spoke about the positive relationship between Atletico’s coach and player. “The relationship with Sampaoli has always been very good. The relationship is very good, he is a fantastic coach who values players very much like Mariano, who has this fiber, this desire to win. So in relation to Sampaoli, as I said earlier, there are factors in football that are not just the monetary part. Mariano may have a club that offers more and Sampaoli can be a differentiator, he will receive less, but he will work with Sampaoli. So there are several factors that add up when a player makes a decision ”, concluded the athlete’s manager.


Young player arouses interest

According to Portuguese website “A Bola”, Atlético defender Matheus Stöckl, 20, is in the sights of FC Porto.

The athlete has passed through the under-15 and under-17 teams, won the South American under-17 titles in Chile and the Under-17 World Cup in India, both in 2017. Atletico has not yet received a proposal official of the Portuguese club, as well as his manager.

Stöckl joined Atletico in 2013, joining the under-13 category. For the under-20 team, the athlete has 43 games and is two-time Mineiro champion in the category. The athlete’s contract runs until the end of this season and there are already talks for renewal.


Another player, another Portuguese team

Left-back Carlos “Hulk” Gabriel, 20, on loan from Paraná, entered a list of potential Benfica targets, according to the Portuguese newspaper “A Bola”. He has a contract with Atletico until the end of 2022.

Born in Brasilia, Carlos Gabriel joined Atletico in 2015 to join the under-17 team. Champion of the Brazil Under-20 Cup in 2017, Hulk won his first opportunities in the professional team in 2018.

At Atletico, Carlos Gabriel played only 11 games and ended up being loaned to Parana. In the parananense club, of the 12 official matches in the season, Carlos played in four.


Cuca, Cuca, Cuca again

In a live on the Nicola Channel on Youtube, Cuca, former Atletico coach, champion of the Libertadores in 2013, made important revelations about his time at the club and the future of his career. Acclaimed by many fans asking for his return, Cuca said he wants to return to the club. In his words:

“I plan on returning one day, but Atletico have to look for me. People say, ‘Cuca is expensive’, but it’s not true. They didn’t call me after Kalil left. There is no debt, I did not bring Galo to justice. They didn’t call me”. In other words, it is clear that Atletico’s polls were nothing more than speculation.

That’s all, folks!

With our first edition at the end, what did you think of this new format? Leave it in the comments!