Galo Around the World – Meet Emir, from Turkey

Photograph: Atlético Mineiro


Malu Precioso
31/05/2020 – 16h51
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Hey, you!

Today I am going to present an Atlético fan who is not from Brazil in the new project “Around the World”!

Let’s get to know Emir, from Turkey. Besiktas supporter and Galo’s fan at heart. Come on!

Emir Guneysu

Malu: Hey, Emir! Introduce yourself.
Emir: Hello. I’m Emir and I’m 26. I am single and I’m the youngest child of a family of two children. I live in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. I work in finance department for a foreign company. I am a Besiktas fan in Turkey.

Malu: What was your first contact with Atletico Mineiro? (Do you have any relative or saw it online)
Emir: Frankly, I was not interested in any team except Besiktas. Teams abroad didn’t impress me until I met Atletico Mineiro. The first time I met Atletico was during the Libertadores Championship. They’re an amazing team and incredible players. It was a tournament like a dream. I remember very well that I woke up by setting an alarm to watch this match because of the time difference between Turkey and Brazil. I made a friend called Thiago Petrocchi via social media. He’s a big Atletico Mineiro fan. His direction made me a serious Galo fan.

Malu: What is your favorite thing about Atletico Mineiro?
Emir: First of all, because of the same colors as Besiktas, the colors impressed me. I was struck by the loyalty of the fans to the club. It’s very easy to support a team in successful times but the real supporter is to be there for the team when it’s going through a bad time and be able to support it. Mineiro fans always support their team and the jerseys are pretty good, I can also add this. 🙂

Malu: Who is your favorite player ever on Galo?
Emir: First of all I would definitely say Ronaldinho. He could be the best player ever for me. And I would add that Ronaldinho came to Mineiro when he was having a hard time. And I can say that he’s back to his old days in this team. Other than that, Ronaldo Guiaro. He is also a very important player for Besiktas. Tardelli, Gilberto Silva, Bernard and, of course, Victor. We’ll never forget the penalty he saved 🙂

Malu: Do you have anything of Atletico Mineiro?
Emir: Unfortunately, I haven’t. I’d love to have it, but I don’t know where to get it. If I had, I could wear it proudly in Turkey.

Malu: Where do you read information about Galo?
Emir: I usually follow the news on Twitter. Apart from that, I can find information such as standings and fixtures on Turkish statistics pages.

Malu: Why did you choose to be an Atletico Mineiro fan?
Emir: It’s a team that suits my character. A team that is calm, full of passion and has not forgotten the beautiful amateur side of football alongside professional management. It is a team of a beautiful city. I think they have different characteristics than other Brazilian teams.

Malu: Thanks, Emir! I loved to know more about you and that affection for Atlético that crossed the ocean.
Emir: Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Fala Galo.

I send a hug of love to all of Brazil and the Atletico Mineiro fans. I have no doubt that one day I will come to Belo Horizonte and watch the game like a real Galo. Let’s just stay home for now, please.

Forever Black and White.
Saldır Galo!
Vamo Galo!

Emir said he loves Atlético but has a hard time making Brazilian friends who support Galo. Follow him on his twitter account: @EmirGuneysu.

Black and white greetings, my friend!

That’s all, folks!